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Online Physics Tutor London

Online Physics Tutor

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Online Physics Tutor


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i.          MECHANICS:

In this branch, we study about the forces which are acting on matter as well as the motion & rest of bodies.

ii.         ELECTRICITY:

In this branch, we study about the motion & rest of electric charge.


We study and observe the laws of electrostatic and magnetism,  in Electromagnetism.


Study about crystalline solid in which atoms are arranged in three dimensions is called solid State Physics.

v.         ATOMIC PHYSICS:

Atomic Physics refers to study about structure, properties and behavior of electron.


In this branch we study about structure and properties of Nucleus as well as the

reaction between the Nuclei of atoms.

vii.       PLASMA PHYSICS:

The branch, which belongs to highly, ionized atoms. When all electron escape from an atom then it becomes highly ionized, the mixture of highly ionized atom and electron is called plasma.

viii.      BIO-PHYSICS:

The study of bio-system of its structure according to physics method is known as


ix.        ASTROPHYSICS:

Study of Astronomical bodies and astronomical system is known as Astro-


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