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Projectile Motion Bsc Mechanics Notes

Projectile Motion Bsc Mechanics Notes

Projectile: Any material body moving in space under the action of gravity on a curved path. the path of it is called parabola.

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Projectile Motion

Following topics

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Impulsive Motion Mechanics Notes Bsc

Impulsive Motion

Impulsive motion: if a force F acts for a small time ‘t’ its impulse is defined as  the product of Force and Time.

impulsive motion

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Dynamics Methods Mechanics Notes Bsc

Dynamics Methods

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Dynamics Methods

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Topics related to dynamics methods are as follows:




Rectilinear Motion Mechanics notes

Rectilinear Motion Mechanics notes 

Rectilinear motion – The motion of a body or particle along a straight line is called Mechanics Notes.

Rectilinear Motion

Equations of Motion for the uniformly accelerated motion. equations of motion.

third equation of motion.

velocity dependent acceleration. for more detail

distance dependent acceleration

Graphical method. these method are bases on the following results. graphical method.

Vertical motion under the gravitational force of the Earth. vertical motion

Simple Harmonic Motion: The vibrating motion in which acceleration is proportional to displacement and is directed towards the mean position or equilibrium position ‘O’ is called simple harmonic motion.

the nature of simple harmonic motion. The maximum and minimum value of ‘x’ lies between ‘a’ and ‘-a’.

amplitude of S.H.M. Velocity of the particle is zero at the two extreme point, and the complete round or back to the mean position is called a vibration or one oscillation.


Kinematics Bsc Mechanics Free Notes

Kinematics Bsc Mechanics Free Notes

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Kinematics Bsc Mechanics Free Notes


Dynamics: is the branch of mechanics which deals the bodies in motion.

Kinematics: Is the branch of dynamics in which we study the motion of bodies without consideration of the force which causes it.

Kinetics: Is the branch of dynamics in which we study the motion of the bodies with consideration of the force or agent which causes it.

Kinematics – notes