Statistics Notes B Sc Karachi University

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Statistics Notes B Sc

Statistics Notes B Sc.

Quantitative and Qualitative data
Classification and Tabulation methods
One way and two way classifications
Graphs and Diagrams
Frequency Distributions
Relative & Cumulative frequencies
Characteristics of frequency Distributions

Measures of Central Tendency
Interpolation by graph
Difference operators and their properties
Newton’s forward and backword formulae
Newton’s divided difference formula
Lagrange’s formula
Direct and Inverse Interpolation
Central difference formula
(Gauss, Stirling, Bessel)

Use of Programs and Computers
Financial Statistics
Geometric progression
simple and compound Interest
sinking funds

Time Series
Components of Time series
Methods of isolation of these components
Concept of cycle,trend, seasonal and Random Movements
Methods of projection and estimation
Uses of Time series data in evaluation of GNP, NNP, Inflation and Deflation.

Index Numbers
Types of Index numbers
Method of construction of simple & weighted Index number, Choice of base year, types of averages to be used.
Laspeyer’s, Pasche’s